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Meet the trainer

Hello, from my pack to yours! I'm Lisa Snycerski, Vero Beach native and owner of Won Love Dog Training, LLC. Thank you for taking a moment to learn a little bit about me and how I became a dog trainer. 

Since childhood I have been in love with animals of all kinds. I grew up with dogs, raised birds, had rabbits, chickens, ducks, pigs, a pony, and even a cow. I felt my happiest around these different creatures.... learning about them, watching them play, and seeing how they interact with each other. I was taught at a young age to respect all the animals for who they truly are as individuals.... each being unique and special in their own way.


This understanding and respect for all beings led me to learn about dogs. In 2011 I began working for a busy local grooming shop where I bathed LOTS of dogs each day! During that time I began studying to become a trainer. In 2012 I became a Certified Obedience Instructor with Animal Behavior College. I continued on to work at a respected training facility where I taught classes, worked in the daycare environment, and also trained with clients and their dogs individually.

My love for working with dogs led me to open my own training business in 2014. Continuing my education with ABC, I took a course in 2015 called "Training Shelter Dogs". This gave me a better understanding of the challenges a dog from the shelter might face. I then went on to work for a local non-profit where we trained Service Dogs for people with disabilities. This opportunity allowed me to see how amazing dogs really are, and how the dedication of the handler can make anything possible! I enjoy seeing the positive impact a dog can make on one's life, and how learning a little bit about another species can open our minds to so much! 

My goal is to help dogs of ALL breeds & ages become happier, healthier, and more stable companions through education and hands on training. I look forward to meeting you & your best friend(s) soon!

~ Lisa S. 


Meet the pack! 

Let me introduce my family.......

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